Be Red Cross Ready – Creating a 72-hour emergency kit – Part 1

September is National Preparedness Month and we in Colorado like to stay prepared for just about anything. Putting together a disaster kit my sound daunting but in reality it is a simple process that can be turned into a family learning experience.

This week we will take a look at creating a 72-hour kit in a two-part series that will help you and your family, including pets, be better prepared for an emergency. First, let’s take a humorous look at the kind of kit you might not want to have.
Thursday, we will look at the kind of kit you should consider with the help of celebrity Jamie Lee Curtis. She will go through the process and we’ll give you some excellent resources to help make you Red Cross Ready.

Check in with us Thursday to learn how to create a the kind of 72-hour kit you should put together. If you can’t wait visit for kit building information. You can also download our free mobile app, Emergency, to get plenty of helpful tips to be better prepared.