Red Cross Volunteer Recognition at Mile High Area Chapter

Story by Susan Poulter – Photos by Janet Koelling/American Red Cross Volunteerism…defined as, “the principle of donating time and energy for the benefit of other people in the community as a social responsibility rather than for any financial reward,” would seem to be enough of a definition, until you witness the faces and hearts of American Read more about Red Cross Volunteer Recognition at Mile High Area Chapter[…]

Log “Worked” and “On-call” Hours Separately

We appreciate that some of you set aside so much personal time to be on-call. Unfortunately, Red Cross can’t take credit for “on-call” hours in the same way as “worked” hours. That’s why, when you do work while on-call, it’s important to log those hours separately! What counts as work? Time you spend organizing, preparing Read more about Log “Worked” and “On-call” Hours Separately[…]

The Courage to Take Action – Puerto Rico

Story and photos by Maddison and Cole Fritz It all started at breakfast on our honeymoon with a conversation about what we wanted for our marriage: to actively pursue the good of others. As we sat at breakfast, the news flashed reports of an impending hurricane – Hurricane Harvey they called it. We then tossed Read more about The Courage to Take Action – Puerto Rico[…]

Easier Ways to Record Volunteer Hours

Ideally you record your volunteer hours right after you work, but we know this isn’t always possible.  Make recording time easier with these tips: Estimate your time – Having trouble remembering exactly how many hours you worked? Estimate your time as best you can. Remember past time can be entered at any time. Combine your Read more about Easier Ways to Record Volunteer Hours[…]

The Importance of Volunteer Hours

WY/CO Region Red Cross Volunteers, you are all so generous with your time that you often don’t take credit for the work you’re doing. However, the Red Cross organization needs to take as much credit as possible for your work to support our fundraising and business operations. Because volunteer hours are so important to us, Read more about The Importance of Volunteer Hours[…]

Enter Past Volunteer Hours Anytime Through Volunteer Connection

WY/CO Region Red Cross Volunteers – Did you know you can enter your past volunteer hours through Volunteer Connection no matter how long ago you worked? Well…you can. If you have “worked” hours since July 2017 that you didn’t have time record, please do it now! Remember that “work” includes the time to travel, prepare, Read more about Enter Past Volunteer Hours Anytime Through Volunteer Connection[…]