We helped 222 People Recover in December

American Red Cross of Colorado & Wyoming, January 7, 2019 – The end of 2018 was indicative of the entire year with multiple opportunities to help families recover from disasters. Our amazing disaster volunteers provided direct support to 222 people during December. In addition, many of our volunteers spent their holidays away from home helping Read more about We helped 222 People Recover in December[…]

Evacuation Center for Silver Creek Fire

UPDATE: Thursday, August 16, 2018, 2 PM – The Red Cross shelter in Kremmling has been placed in standby status. Signs are posted on the West Grand Middle School providing a phone number to call should there be a need for overnight sheltering. Red Cross volunteers are also on standby to provide comfort and care Read more about Evacuation Center for Silver Creek Fire[…]

Red Cross Opens Multiple Shelters for Wildfires

Update: Friday, July 13, 2018 – All Red Cross shelters for the Colorado Fires of 2018 have been closed. The Red Cross will turn its focus to helping people recover from this disaster. With over 200 homes destroyed by wildfires support will be needed for communities and individuals. If you are in need of Red Cross Read more about Red Cross Opens Multiple Shelters for Wildfires[…]

True Love Burns Eternal – No Matter Where

Story by: Roger Enix The Red Cross shelter in Blanca-Fort Garland hosted a couple with a true love story today (July 4th), undeterred by the Spring Fire.  Steven Williams, his family, and his girlfriend – Brittney Brewer – were visiting Colorado from Tennessee when bad luck and bad timing interrupted Steven’s careful planning.  While camping Read more about True Love Burns Eternal – No Matter Where[…]

Closing the shelter in the Fort Garland Community Center is a good thing. 

It’s good, because it means every last disaster victim has had their housing needs addressed – Red Cross shelters only close when they are no longer needed. As the shelter winds down, Red Cross workers pack supplies into trucks and make house calls, bringing casework services and checking on people during this transitional period. Other Read more about Closing the shelter in the Fort Garland Community Center is a good thing. […]

Heading Home can be Dangerous

July 11, 2018 Story by David Owens At a dusty, ash-covered crossroads on the western slope of Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains, half an hour’s drive from the nearest paved road, American Red Cross volunteers set up a supply distribution point to aid people as they return to their fire-ravaged homes. Residents only have a few hours Read more about Heading Home can be Dangerous[…]

Disaster Work Can be Lonely

July 11, 2018 Story by David Owens Often, disaster relief work is hectic and crowded, but sometimes there are long, lonely, dusty periods. Volunteer Steve Harris of the Alamosa Red Cross keeps this supply distribution point open, giving shovels, sifters and other relief supplies to residents as they trickle back into their neighborhoods. As several Read more about Disaster Work Can be Lonely[…]

Life Goes on, Even in a Shelter

July 8, 2018 Article submitted by Rick Padden For Red Cross volunteer Rochelle Obechina, disaster relief is far more than providing  a roof, bottled water, cots, blankets, and scrambled eggs. According to her, there are basic human needs, and then there is the need for humanity. “We may be displaced, but community hasn’t gone away,” she said. Read more about Life Goes on, Even in a Shelter[…]

Nurses Provide Hope and Healthcare

July 8, 2018 Story submitted by Amanda Fry When Red Cross nurse volunteers Marian Heesaker and Ed Duball first arrived at the Red Cross Shelter in Basalt, Colorado, it was their first experience serving as volunteers for the organization. The shelter was established by the Red Cross to provide support for residents affected by the Lake Read more about Nurses Provide Hope and Healthcare[…]