Disaster Workers Deploying to Support Potential Disasters

Workers Staging Ahead of Storms From East Coast to Central Pacific

NOAA Satellite highlighting the storms that are being monitored for Red Cross response.

Denver, Monday, September 10, 2018 – The American Red Cross of Colorado & Wyoming is sending disaster workers in anticipation of large sale disasters due to hurricanes in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Catastrophic flooding and strong winds may cause large scale evacuations this week and Red Cross supplies and support have been activated to move quickly.

The American Red Cross is very busy responding and preparing for significant tropical cyclone events. We are currently supporting:

  • Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, where Typhoon Mangkhut is making imminent landfall.
  • Hawaii is currently preparing for Hurricane Olivia’s impacts.
  • We are moving multiple resources for Atlantic hurricanes, including Hurricane Florence, which is set to make landfall late Thursday and Friday morning.
  • We are preparing for Hurricane Isaac in U.s. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and monitoring another tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico.

Central Pacific Islands – Sally Broomfield, Disaster Program Manager for the Red Cross of Southeastern Colorado has been deployed to Guam to support relief efforts for Typhoon Mangkhut. She will provide management support as the Assistant Director of Planning.

California Fire Support – Michael Masto, Regional Disaster Officer for Colorado and Wyoming has deployed to northern California. Michael will serve as the Disaster Director to replace leadership teams that are staging for deployment to support relief for Tropical Storm Olivia as it moves near Hawaii and Typhoon Mangkhut as it impacts Guam and other Pacific Islands.

Atlantic Storms Support – The following people are being staged or deployed to support the impact of Hurricane Florence as it intensifies and moves to the southeastern U.S.

Dana Goldsmith – from the Southeastern Colorado Red Cross serving as manager for the Disability Integration team.

Dennis Hoyt – from the Southeastern Colorado Red Cross serving as a shelter supervisor.

Barbara Martinez – from the Southeastern Colorado Red Cross serving as a shelter worker.

Vicki Ray – from the Southeastern Colorado Red Cross serving as a shelter worker.

Laurence Waltz – from the Mile High Red Cross serving as a manager for the logistics team.

A typical deployment for a disaster worker is 14 to 21 days depending on the needs of the people affected by the disaster. Additional storms are forecast to affect the Carribbean and Gulf Coast regions over the next weeks.

To see the latest news about how the Red Cross is responding to multiple disaster threats and to learn how you can help people affected by disasters visit www.redcross.org. Follow the Red Cross of Colorado and Wyoming on Twitter: @COWYRedCross and follow our blog at COWYRedCrossBlog.org.

If you are concerned about people who may be impacted by theses storms visit safeandwell.org. We also recommend downloading our free Red Cross EMERGENCY app. It will help you track storms and connect with loved ones.