Lemonade For Sale-Proceeds to a Good Cause

Story by Kate Walters – Local lemonade sales help fund La Veta Fire Department’s fire truck repairs. Red Cross volunteers happily support the cause. There’s a lemonade and popsicle stand on Grand St. in La Veta. Yesterday they received over $200 in donations which they promptly carried directly over to the new fire station and gave to Jim Littlefield, La Veta Fire Protection District Board President.  Today they are hard at work again.  Barbara Buckwater, who is helping organize the event says, “This community is just like a family.  When there is a need, we all chip in.” She expects to bring in another $200 today.

Red Cross volunteer Kate Walters gets some lemonade.

The LVFPD Board President says that since the fire began they have been forced to replace the transmission in one of their trucks. They also purchased a used brush truck to the tune of  $19,000. “We were small before the state and federal agencies offered their strong support during this crisis. When they leave, we are still left with day-to-day fire protection and EMS services. We are very thankful for local donations. During the ice-cream social $275 was raised as well. We are just very very thankful.”

If you are in town, stop by Grand St. in La Veta and get yourself some lemonade or a popsicle!