National Preparedness Month – Top of Mind Issues

September is National Preparedness Month and we hope that you have taken some time, or put some thought into, the preparedness concepts we have provided through the month. As September comes to an end we thought you would like to get a reminder of the topics we have covered with the hope that you will keep them “top of mind” and that you will take action to be prepared. More information is available at FEMA.GOV or at Many of the graphics shown here were provided by FEMA and are available at the National Preparedness Month home page.


Make sure you have an escape plan and that everyone knows what to do in an emergency.

Think Ahead about how you can prevent or respond to a home fire. Can you evacuate in 2 minutes?












Save for a “Rainy Day” so you have what you need during an emergency. In a disaster ATMs may not work.

Keep enough supplies on hand to survive for 72 hours. Make sure your kit is mobile in case you need to evacuate. 

Take a CPR and First Aid Class. At lease one member of the household should be certified in CPR & First Aid

The most important tip is to Stay Informed. Download the free Emergency app (click graphic to access). This app will help you before, during and after a disaster. Download now so that it is ready when you need it!