Red Cross Reponds to Hail Storm

Colorado Springs, CO, Monday, August 6, 2018, 430 PM – THe Red Cross has opened an evacuation center for people affected by the hail storm. “The primary reason for the evacuation center is to help reconnect families with children evacuated from Zoo Camp. There may be others that are not able to drive their vehicle after the hail damage.  Do not have people come to the Zoo. Please direct them to the evacuation center at the high school. The evacuation Center is located at:

Cheyenne Mountain High School

1200 Cresta Rd

Colorado Springs, CO

This center is designed to be a temporary point where people and families can reconnect. Hundreds of vehicles have been damaged and may not be drivable. Children have been evacuated from Zoo Camp and have been taken to the center at Cheyenne Mountain High School. Colorado Springs Government has stated that only busses are allowed on the road to the zoo.

Red Cross volunteers are on scene and can provide support for those in need.