What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

As 2019 begins, many of us are taking the time to self-reflect. We’re thinking about all of the experiences we had in 2018, all of the things we learned and what we’d like to change for the new year.

Some of us will vow to “hit the gym more often” or “eat healthy” or just “get more exercise”. While it is important to exercise your body and mind we offer another alternative. Why not exercise your heart by becoming a Red Cross Volunteer.

If you are having trouble coming up with your New Year’s resolutions? Take this quiz to find out what your Red Cross resolution should be for the new year.

Here is a short quiz that just might help you decide on a New Year’s Resolution for 2019.

Take the New Year’s Resolution Quiz!

Need more help? Take a look at these videos to see how you can make a difference and help the American Red Cross keep its promise to America.

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