Log “Worked” and “On-call” Hours Separately

We appreciate that some of you set aside so much personal time to be on-call. Unfortunately, Red Cross can’t take credit for “on-call” hours in the same way as “worked” hours. That’s why, when you do work while on-call, it’s important to log those hours separately!

What counts as work? Time you spend organizing, preparing your DAT “go bag,” printing rosters, catching up on Red Cross email, and any time responding to calls. Basically, anything you “do” for Red Cross while on-call counts, even if it’s just 15 minutes!

Here’s an example. Suppose you’re on-call for a full week, or 168 hours. During that week you spend two hours taking an online training course, one hour catching up on email, and four hours responding to calls. In this example, please log the 168 on-call hours as you normally would, but then create a separate entry for the seven hours you worked. Some people think this is double-dipping, but it’s not!

Enter up to 40 hours in a single day’s entry. To make it simple on yourself, it’s ok to create a single entry in Volunteer Connection for the worked hours.